Performance Marketing – Results Are Universal

The custom-made iWoza performance marketing system enables advertisers to pay only when there are measurable results. Our sweet spot is to provide you with the most effective method of advertising based on your budget size. Increase revenue and online sales with unmatched immediacy. You can now target users in over 100 countries worldwide as our ad system leaves no stone unturned.

I see you

When a user is exposed to a particular website, our system determines which is the most optimal ad to display according to the following parameters: location, time of day, day of week, demographics and performance history. This ensures maximum revenue earned from each advertising slot.

CPM vs CPC vs CPL: 
With iWoza it’s simple.

Yes, its impressive stuff!

Once the user has been exposed to the ad that we have selected then our groundbreaking algorithm continues to monitor the users interaction and movement. All this information is stored ensuring a custom-made approach for every ad and highly engaged users.

Our new wave
Media Network
drives your ROI to
greater heights.

Oh…that clicking feeling

After a user has clicked on our chosen ad, our system does some number crunching. Namely, the click-through-rate (CTR) and the time between impression and click so that we can fully capture the users initial reaction to the ad. What makes iWoza unique is that we are able to fully quantify the emotional reaction of the user, which is the most powerful tool in campaign optimization. 

Tangible outcomes
instead of just
potential results.

Welcome to the goodie room!

This is the final and most important stage in the ad funnel. Once the user clicks on our chosen ad, he is redirected to the advertisers landing page or website to complete his details. Our system continues to monitor all the behavioral and contextual parameters to ensure optimal click-to-lead ratio. We also provide advertisers with accurate evaluations for specific impressions.