Media Channels


Unique CPL Targeting

Advertisers throw money in whatever bucket they think has most influenced sales. So it’s time to eliminate the guess work. Our highly targeted CPL program connects you directly with real-time potential customers who have shown a distinct level of interest in your product or offering. This enables you to focus solely on the so-called virtual handshake and close the deal. In this case putting all your eggs in one basket sounds right! Check out exactly how our CPL program works (read more).


Display Advertising

Quality impressions that yield premium leads are sourced according to real time bidding combined with behavioral tracking. Our display ads will not only generate brand awareness but will drive your potential customers through the purchase funnel. We convey clutter-free, call-to-action, creative ads across a vast network that will deliver your message home where it counts most.   


Mobile Advertising

Mobile app and web usage has been steadily on the rise with current research showing the average user is now spending almost 3 hours per day on mobile devices. Reach your potential customers on their most personal device and specifically target their needs and wants. In addition to standard mobile display banners, we use rich media execution within the banner ads. This includes banners that would expand to a larger size, offering advertisers a larger display to convey their message. Our network delivers strong online presence in the mobile world serving ads on the mobile web and within mobile apps, which include CPI (“Cost Per Install”) models.  

Industry Leader or Startup?
Our unique Network and methodology levels the playing field.


Social Media Channels

Social network users store various information about themselves such as their age, gender, interests, and location. Our extensive social media channels and affiliates allow us to use this stored information to create specific target groups and individualize the ads. The advantage for advertisers is that their ads can reach users who are specifically interested in the product or service. The advantage for users is that they can see ads that appeal to them, thus creating a winning combo. Stamp your social appeal and empower your brand with iWoza.


Email Marketing

Reach substantial numbers of opted-in email subscribers that are relevant to your specific product or service. The immediacy and high delivery rate of our email marketing channels ensure that you can communicate with a targeted global audience on a regular basis. Our trailblazing email marketing techniques have been proven to produce higher response rate and higher average order value for e-commerce businesses.


iWoza Network

The iWoza next generation “2.0” ad network focuses mainly on behavioral or contextual targeting technologies which specialize in using consumer clickstream data to deliver the highest quality traffic and directly influence your potential customers. Our network ensures the simplest way to handle your budget, which is more bang for the buck!