CPL Flow

Cost Per Lead (CPL) – Guarantee Your Results

The iWoza CPL model connects advertisers directly with their potential customers. That means you can solely focus on sales and expanding your business without having to get involved in the nitty-gritty of marketing optimization, that is our part. Lets see exactly how this works:

We capture potential customers that are specifically interested in your product or service. This is done through our main media channels that include email, social media, search, mobile, display advertising and affiliate marketing.


Over 100 filters are initiated by our system to complete the lead validation. All key lead parameters such as IP, email, phone and address are verified through our unique filtering mechanism.


You receive verified leads in real-time through multiple delivery options. The leads can be streamed through a direct API to your CRM or simply sent via email or live feed.


Every lead we deliver is another brick in the wall of your business.